Our Textures themed competition had lots of entries and a very diverse interpretation on the theme. Well done to Terry MacSweeney on his winning shot “Drop Leaf” in the Unrestricted category. Here are the results:

Unrestricted Category

  • 1. Drop LeafTerry MacSweeney – Drop Leaf
  • 2. 12-paul-garnett-a-knotty-problemPaul Garnett – A Knotty Problem
  • 3. 17-seamus-long-blue-mittSeamus Long – Blue Mitt

Well done to Adrian Healy on his winning shot in the Novice category of our Textures themed competition. Here are the results:

Novice Category

  • 1. 10-adrian-healy-grid_ironAdrian Healy – Grid Iron
  • 2. 15-maryann-heidtke-slipwayMaryann Heidke – Slipway
  • 3. 22-jane-thomas-white-bushJane Thomas – White Bush