There are lots of amazing resources and utilities available online on lots of aspects of photography. Here are some links and some books as well (feel free to recommend more and we’ll update the list!)

Let’s start with 44 tips to improve your photography!


There are lots of great books out there on photography, if you’d like to recommend any please let us know and we’ll add them to the list here. The club has an affiliate link on Amazon so please use it if you want to order online as the club makes a few cents!

  • The Photographer’s Eye by Michael Freeman
  • The Photographer’s Mind by Michael Freeman (follow up to his first book)
  • Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson


  • Online camera simulator, great for seeing how changing aperture and shutter speed has on your photo!
  • Photopills: an iOS application for planning photography trips. Amazingly versatile application.
  • The Photographers Ephemeris: a web site for planning photography trips, an iOS and Android app is also available.
  • a free online post processing application, an online “alternative” to photoshop.
  • gimp: a free post processing application.
  • Nik Collection: free download of post processing software for Lightroom and Photoshop (e.g. Silver Efex Pro, Colour Efex Pro etc)


Photographer Portfolios and other sites

Some inspirational photographers and general information links: (please let me know of others!)