The photos that we took of the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle 2022 are now available at the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle 2022 collection.

It was fantastic to see the return of the Charity Cycle on 2nd July. Well done to all the cyclists who took on the challenge and, in so doing, raised much needed funds for the beneficiary charities. We enjoyed photographing and interacting with the participants at the Start Line, Finish Line and at the medal giving and entertainment area. It was great to see all the happy faces (and some tired bodies) after the long cycle. Whether you gave us a smile, a wave, a thumbs up or a look of relief, we hope we captured you on your memorable day.

The photos are organised into three collections of albums, one for the Start Line, one for the Finish Line and one for the Medal Giving & Entertainment Area.

Each collection contains a number of albums based on the time the photos were taken. So, if you know that you passed the Finish Line at around 4.25pm then your photo should be in the 16.15 – 16.29 album in the Finish Line collection. The title of each photo begins with six digits. These represent the time the photo was taken in HHMMSS format – e.g. 162510 is 25 minutes and 10 seconds after 4pm.

You can download the photos free of charge and, if you like, you can print as 6 inch by 4 inch prints. Also, feel free to share them with friends and family on social media.

Special thanks to our photographers on the day;

Thomas Bradley, Julia Deady, Ade Desbrow, Conor Healy, Maryann Heidtke, Eric Jenkinson, Keith Johnson, Tadhg Kelleher, Seamus Long, Mary O’Sullivan, Yvette Shea and Jane Thomas for volunteering their time on the day. Thanks to Seamus Long for compiling all the photos and uploading them and to Terry MacSweeney for his assistance.

Finally, thanks to the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle organisers for their support and to the volunteers for their cooperation on the day.