Our second competition of the season was themed “Bubbles”. We had a great entry with a total of 22 photographs. This was tough theme but everyone enjoyed learning the joy of bubbles, with some discovering secret recipes for the ultimate bubble making solution!

Well done to Ade Desbrow for making it two in a row by winning the Unrestricted Category and to Anne Kelly for winning the Novice category.

And here are the top 3 in each category:

Unrestricted category:
1st Place: Ade Desbrow, Image 10, Bubbles, 179 points
Joint 2nd Place: Nikki Foley, Image 13, There’s a witch at the bottom of my garden, 178 points
Joint 2nd Place: Seamus Long, Image 7, Other Worlds, 178 points

3rd Place: Keith Johnson, Image 11, The magic of bubbles, 175 points

Novice category:
1st Place: Anne Kelly, Image 2, Lime Bubbles, 165 points
2nd Place: Noel O’Neill, Image 19, Bubbles, 159 points
3rd Place: Maryann Heidtke, Image 5, Leaf Bubble, 153 points

The gallery of all images is available here.

Here are the full results and the current photographer of the year table.

Our next competition is themed “Low Angle”.