Our seventh, and final, competition of the club year 2020-2021 was an unthemed challenge entitled ‘Monochrome’, 19 entries were received.

Congratulations to Ade Desbrow who came first in the Unrestricted category and Maryann Heidtke who came first in the Novice category.

Full results and images are shown below.

Unrestricted Category Results:

1st Place: Ade Desbrow – Image 8: The Elysian, 159 pts
2nd Place: Terry MacSweeney – Image 17: Walk the Line, 153 pts
3rd Place: Keith Johnson – Image 3: Black & White, 146 pts

Novice Category Results:

1st Place: Maryann Heidtke – Image 19: The Baker, 143 pts
2nd Place: Conor Healy – Image 13: Ross Castle, 130 pts
3rd Place: Eric Jenkinson – Image 6: Ross Castle View, 126 pts

The gallery of all images is available here.

The full competition results are available here.

Photographer Of The Year 2020/2021 Results

As this was the final competition of the year we now have the final results of the Photographer of The Year as follows:

Unrestricted Category

1st Place: Keith Johnson Total Points 115
Joint 2nd Place: Ade Desbrow Total Points 113
Joint 2nd Place: Seamus Long Total Points 113
3rd Place: Terry MacSweeney Total Points 109

Novice Category

1st Place: Thomas Bradley Total Points 85
Joint 2nd Place: Conor Healy Total Points 83
Joint 2nd Place: Eric Jenkinson Total Points 83
3rd Place: Anne Kelly Total Points 76

See the full photographer of the year table here.

Well done to all!