This month’s competition theme was “Light”. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic we were all under lockdown, so we had to come up with some innovative ideas on how to run the competition. We ended up using google drive and google sheets that would allow us to mark each others photos, and we recorded an online critique using Zoom. So it was lovely to be able to continue this key part of our club’s activities during the pandemic.

It was great to see so many entries and lots of very interesting interpretations of the theme. Well done to Seamus Long who won first place in the Unrestricted Category and Tanja Fischer who came first in the Novice category and also joint 3rd in the Unrestricted!

And here are the top 3 in each category:

Unrestricted category:

1st Place: Seamus Long, Image 12 Sparkling Bulb 168 points
2nd Place: Nikki Foley, Image 16 Christmas in Cork 156 points
Joint 3rd: Terry MacSweeney, Image 18 Light and Shadow 150 points
Joint 3rd: Tanja Fischer, Image 11 Book Light 150 points

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Novice category:

1st Place: Tanja Fischer, Image 11 Book Light 150 points 
2nd Place: Eric Jenkinson, Image 6 Light Trails In The City 148 points
3rd Place: Keith Doran Image 20 Beyond Frequencies 144

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The gallery of all images is available here.

Here are the competition results and the latest photographer of the year table.