Last Thursday the Club Members of Killarney Camera Club enjoyed an extremely informative presentation on Astrophotography, given by Christopher Fitzgerald..

The presentation consisted of many points including planning, shooting and post – processing.  Furthermore, there was information on weather, camera lenses and settings  in order to produce high quality images of the stars and Milky Way.

Information was also given to us regarding mobile  apps that are very useful in enabling photographers to identify the best location to be at  certain times. Photopills and the Photographer’s Ephemeris are particularly useful for planning.

We even had time to discuss the post processing of the images and we were in awe of the spectacular images that were shown.

After the presentation some members travelled  to Ladies View to put their new found knowledge into practice and were helped and guided by Christopher and Terry MacSweeney. 

It was  a most enjoyable evening and our thanks to Christopher for sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm which was inspirational.