Report by Jane Thomas.

The members of Killarney Camera Club were delighted to be involved with the workshop that Marek  facilitated on Light and Exposure last Thursday.

There was a brilliant turnout, to this our first workshop of 2017.  Marek had set up the room with  enormous circular lights which were wired by hand, on wood,which he had constructed himself.  He was commissioned for few of these!!

With the White backdrop in place, the stool ready, as close to the lights as possible, the stunning model Ruzena, took her seat.

 Marek explained the various effects of the distance between backdrop, lights and model.  He then went on to explain light metering, white balance and the importance on  focusing on Ruzena eyelashes to get those sharp.

 What also was very informative, was hearing the necessity  of correct and constant communication with the model. Constantly talking and praising.  Watching Marek communicate with Ruzena was a great lesson on how to enhance your portraits with this communication. She was very relaxed and automatically changed her pose after every  “that’s lovely”.   His work with her ‘flowed’.

 With our light metering arranged and aperture set, we were all  organised into groups to take photos of our model Ruzena who after some time was baking under the hot lights.

Whilst Ruzena took a 5 minute break, , our club treasurer, Micheal O’Scearcoid  took her seat, giving us some his favourite poses!! 


Many thanks to Marek for his hard work in transporting his props and  setting up the room. For providing us with his lovely, patient model Ruzena, and delivering a professional and fun workshop for us all.